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Procurve 1800-24 VLAN Routing

Regular Advisor

Procurve 1800-24 VLAN Routing


Bought this for home use as it supported VLANS. I was hoping to hook this switch up to my firewall at home and then be able to create VLANs on the 1800. Once I create VLANS on the 1800 I can't route between them. Do I need a smarter switch or have I not configured the 1800 properly?

Thomas Joebstl
Frequent Advisor

Re: Procurve 1800-24 VLAN Routing

The 1800 is a pure layer 2 switch without any routing functionality.
You'd need at least a 26xx or 2800 if you want layer 3 (routing) functionality.
Lagace Bjorn
Occasional Advisor

Re: Procurve 1800-24 VLAN Routing

Don't get the point.

If you use Vlans, then your goal is to keep the two lans seperated.

I think you want to create two range and route between them.

Trusted Contributor

Re: Procurve 1800-24 VLAN Routing

the firewall connects with 1 UTP cable to your 1800?

you could use 2 UTPs, and do the routing on the firewall, if it knows how to handle more than 1 IP subnet.