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Procurve 1800 + other switches

Peer-Joachim Koch
Occasional Advisor

Procurve 1800 + other switches


I just extended a small network (10 PC, 5 printers) with a ProCurve 1800 as a central
switching unit. Just one vlan, no routing,
nothing special.
After installing the ProCurve the main application (a Windows Prog) of the location
shows the following behavior.
PC connected to ProCurve -> start fast
running fine
PC connect to old Switch -> start extremly slow
running fine.

Topology of the network:

ProCu -------Sw1---------Sw2-----PC_6
|_Server ...... |_PC_4....... |_PC_7
|_PC_1 ....... |_PC_5

Sw1 Linksys 10/100 8-Port Upling Port-> ProC
Sw2 Linksys 10/100 5-Port Upling Port-> Sw1

Before the Server was located at Sw1, everything worked fine.
Some of the PC's (PC_4,5 ..) *sometimes*
are starting fast.
Ping to the server shows no drops and a time
around 3ms.
Opening a browser and open the WEB-Gui of a printserver (connected to the procurve) is running fast!
The application takes normally 30sek to start,
connected to Sw1 or 2 up to 8min!

After the start the working is as fast as before.

There are no drops/errors shown at the ProCurve. (Linksys are unmanaged).

Currently I'll have no idea what's going wrong here. I'll try to do some basic benchmarks (download files from http/ftp..) and look at
the execution times.

Any help/idea is welcome !!

Bye, Peer
Shayne Heidemann
Regular Advisor

Re: Procurve 1800 + other switches


As a guess I suspect that the autoneogtiation is not working correctly between the ProCurve and SW1 and that the switches have chosen to operate at 10MBit half duplex. You should be able to identify this on the 1800 port that connects them.

When you say unmanageable, can you at least lock the Linksys port to 100MB Full?

Peer-Joachim Koch
Occasional Advisor

Re: Procurve 1800 + other switches

The Downlink port on the HP says 100FD,
also the LED on the Linksys shows those
Well HTTP *seems* to work with normal speed.
I will measure everything at the weekend.
It will be interesting to see how the performance is affected, when I'll but back the Server to the Linksys Switch.

Thats the only difference I'm seeing in the moment. The server is locked in with 1000FD,
on the Linksys only with 100FD - but normally things are getting faster for all ....

Bye, Peer