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Procurve 2512 wont work with telnet

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Procurve 2512 wont work with telnet

Hi, just accuried 2 procurve 2512, when i connect the console cable to the switch and boot the switch i get the following

ROM information:
Build directory: F:/switch/arm/rom
Build date: Aug 11 2001
Build time: 18:14:53
Build version: F.02.01
Build number: 03

OS identifier found at @ 0x170a0000
Verifying Image validity ...
CRC on OS image header Passed
CRC on complete OS image file Passed
Valid OS image @ 0x170a0000

Verifying uncompressed image CRC.....pass.
initializing...initialization done.
Waiting for Speed Sense. Press twice to continue

thats it, i cant press enter it wont work? the other switch is fine, so the cable is ok, the settings on hyperterminal have been checked, and i have reset the switch twice and powered up and down, any thoughts?


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Re: Procurve 2512 wont work with telnet

Hmm, that's happened to me too.

Try another terminal program (TeraTerm) or maybe try using a higher speed than 9600.