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Procurve 2524 TFTP

John Mills_4
Occasional Visitor

Procurve 2524 TFTP

I want to secure, as much as possible, a 2524. to this end I have turned off Telnet & Web browser, but one of my team has noticed that the switch is "advertising"/ addmitting to running a TFTP server, I have tried to use this and it appears to be reasonably secure, but I would really like to turn it off, any ideas ??. I can still do updates, or turn it back on from the console port.
Suggestions please
Jerome Henry
Honored Contributor

Re: Procurve 2524 TFTP

Try to turn everything off, and just get back from times to times what you need :
no ip authorized-managers
no auto-tftp
You can lean only on what resists you...