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Procurve 2524 VLAN issues

alastair hargrave_1
Occasional Visitor

Procurve 2524 VLAN issues

We are expeiencing difficulties in connecting a Procurve 2524 to our new ISP edge device.

I work in Education and schools I work with have two networking infrastructures - one for administrators and one for students. The ISP device is enabled with two networks for this purpose.

The schools have various cables terminating at the edge device and this varies from school to school. Some have a single curriculum connection and therefore can be plugged directly to the ISP edge device. Others require a backplane which then should be connected to the ISP curriculum port. Therefore in those cases we configured a CURRIC_VLAN with appropriate IP numbers an plug the first port of this VLAN into the curriculum port on the edge device.

When we do this we see packet drops between the switch and the edge. The ISP has monitored and can ping the workstation I am sat at in the school with no performance issues. I on the other hand still see packet loss. LACP is disabled and RSTP is on (but only under the advice of HP Support as a test). I see the problem in a few of my schools now and need to know why this is occurring. show tech on the switch is now as clean as a whistle and still we have the problem
Jason F.

Re: Procurve 2524 VLAN issues

To start with, attach a "show tech" to this thread. I'll be happy to take a peek.

ProCurve Networking
ProCurve Support
alastair hargrave_1
Occasional Visitor

Re: Procurve 2524 VLAN issues


I have had the show tech checked out by HP support and they cannot see anything wrong with the output. I have attached the showtech output as is now following firmware upgrade and switch LACP off.

Kind regards