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Procurve 2610_24 not holding config

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Procurve 2610_24 not holding config

I am currently working an install and having a wierd issue with one of my 2610_24 switches.. each switch has 2 J4859C SFP-LX GBICs installed in it.. Noted those are ports 27 and 28..

I have about 13 VLANS on the switch and of course the ports 27,28 are the uplink ports...

I can go into either command line or menu and config the ports as normal VLAN membership.. such as:
vlan 30
tagged 27,28
vlan 20
tagged 27,28
vlan 1
no untagged 27,28
wr mem
ok and if I do a show vlan 20, or 30 etc i will see these ports as members and data communication will commence...

now... if I power cycle the switch ports 27,28 will go back to being untagged on vlan 1 (default).. and yes I do my write mem.... those are the ONLY 2 ports that have this issue... I can config VLAN on any other port and it will hokd over a power cycle...
is there a problem using two J4859C GBIC modules in each switch?
Marco Wessel
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Re: Procurve 2610_24 not holding config

This is a problem in an older software release. Upgrade the software to at least R11.09:

â  Config (1000790501) â When any supported transceiver is present in a mini-GBIC port,
the configuration (including port-VLAN assignment) is not maintained across a reboot.