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Procurve 2610 IGMP FastLeave is not working

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Procurve 2610 IGMP FastLeave is not working


We are installing a set of 2610 in an IPTV environment. With 3500 and 6200 at the core and 2610s at the edges.

We have enabled IGMP on all the switches and the multicast traffic is working as expected except for one major issue.

We have found that FastLeave is not functioning on the edge ports. When a host client leaves one group and then joins another group. He is continuing to receieve the previous the previous groups.

This is meaning the port utilization is just going up and up and eventually the port is flooding with multiple groups of traffic.

As far as I understand it FastLeave is enabled by default on ports with a single node. However it is just not working at all with the 2610s as described in the manual

software version we are running is


It seems like I am missing something but i've read the manual and even went into the MIB to check the setting is enabled and it is.

Has anyone had any experience with FastLeave operation on the 2610 and got it working?