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Procurve 2626 Static Route Metric?

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Procurve 2626 Static Route Metric?

Is it possible to set multiple static routes to a specific destination, specifically multiple default routes, using different metrics?

I have a Procurve 2626 in an environment where multiple routers lead to a destination network. I'd like to use route metrics to compensate physical failures of the main router xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx by redirecting the traffic to router yyy.yyy.yyy.yyy:

IP ROUTE xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx 1
IP ROUTE yyy.yyy.yyy.yyy 2

While in the user manual some screenshots show a route metrics value when using the SHOW IP ROUTE command, the CLI command IP ROUTE xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx 2 does not seem to work, and I found no other CLI command that deals with route metrics.


cenk sasmaztin
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Re: Procurve 2626 Static Route Metric?

no additional second default route on 2626 and metric value

(config)# ip route

unavailable any command after static route command

you can see metric value sh ip route command
for example

(config)# sh ip route

IP Route Entries

Destination Gateway VLAN Type Sub-Type Metric Dist.
------------------ --------------- ---- --------- ---------- ---------- ----- 2 static 1 1 camera 3 connected 0 0 outarea 2 connected 0 0 inarea 1 connected 0 0 reject static 0 250 lo0 connected 0 0

but not change this value

what are you doing fully