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Procurve 2626 and VLan

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Procurve 2626 and VLan

1 - sorry for my bad english language
2 - I want to realise a configuration with 6 Vlans. All of this have to connect to a non compliant 802.1 routeur.
I try this config
(port 1-3 untagged)
(port 24 tagged)
default gateway:
(port 4-7 untagged)
(port 24 tagged)
(port 8-11 untagged)
(port 24 tagged)

the routeur ip : on port 24

I can't ping the routeur when my client is connect to one of this Vlan... What's wrong?
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Re: Procurve 2626 and VLan


So I guess you mean that the Router is non 802.1q compliant and can not process tagged frames. Is that correct.

If the Router can not process Tagged Frames then indeed it makes sense that a client connected to one of the VLANs can not ping the Router as all VLANs are Tagged on port 24.
If you want to verify if that indeed is the problem I would suggest to Untag one VLAN on port 24 (as you may know or not it is allowed to have one and no more VLAN Untagged on a physical Link). Say you Untag port 24 for VLAN 2 and then connect a Client to port 24 and ping the Router....that should work then.

Now if the Router can not process Tagged frames how to get this setup to work?

Enable IP Routing on the 2600 and use Static Routes. In between the 2600 and Router you would create a seperate IP Subnet. Mind you that the Static Routes for the 2600 VLANs also need to be configured on the Router as otherwise you would be able to get from VLAN2 to the Router but then there would be no route back.

Regards, Ardon
ProCurve Networking Engineer