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Procurve 2824 Firmware Update

Ken Krause
Occasional Visitor

Procurve 2824 Firmware Update

I've been working with Tech Support on a dropped frame issue and was told I needed to upgrade to H08.106 firmware level. I am currently at I07.031 and apparently there is an intermediate update I need to apply first, I07.068. Can someone verify this for me as I'm not having any luck getting back with tech support and running out of time. Also can you point me to the correct link for this update? When I go to the typical Software and Driver Downloads link from hp.com and enter the Procurve 2824 switch model, I'm directed to a page that contains the seemingly appropriate update file, but I can't find the intermediate update. Also, the text on the H8.106 update mentions the 2600 series switches and nothing regarding the 2824. Am I in the right place?

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Re: Procurve 2824 Firmware Update

about your issue, i think maybe you should upgrade the bootroom first. so you need download the firmware from below links:

update I.08.98


then, update I.08.105.

before you update, you should refer to the version release:
Ken Krause
Occasional Visitor

Re: Procurve 2824 Firmware Update

Thanks for the response. I was able to find the I_08_105 download and it included the intermediate bootrom upgrade as well as the firmware update. I had been given wrong information when I was told to use the H_8_106 update.

Applied the updates according to the release notes and everything went as it should have. Now to see what will happen with the RX drops after setting QOS-passthrough-mode.

Thanks again!