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Procurve 2824 and LACP

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Domenico Viggiani
Super Advisor

Procurve 2824 and LACP

on a 2824, I have two LACP trunks with an EMC NAS:

# sh trunks

Load Balancing

Port | Name Type | Group Type
---- + -------------------------------- --------- + ----- -----
6 | 6 | Trk1 LACP
8 | 8 | Trk1 LACP
11 | 11 | Trk2 LACP
12 | 12 | Trk2 LACP

By mistake, I typed:

int 1-24
no lacp

as this is default config on my devices.
Now what is the setup? Are trunks still active?

Matt Hobbs
Honored Contributor

Re: Procurve 2824 and LACP

Your trunks still should be active since the LACP trunks you have set are static.

Doing the 'no lacp' command on all ports disables passive lacp (ability for dynamic trunks).

If in your 'show trunks' they are still there, they should be fine.