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Procurve 2824 default gateway problem

Brian Debelius
Occasional Advisor

Procurve 2824 default gateway problem

Lets see what simple thing I can overlook this time :P...

Basic configuration

Server1 GW

2824 Vlan_1 GW

It does not appear that the 2824 is passing off network traffic to the firewall, even though the firewall is the default gateway. I have come to this conclusion because the firewall is not logging any traffic from the switch.

Now if I change the default gateway of server1 to be the firewall instead of the switch, then the firewall does log traffic from the server.

Any suggestions as to wht is happening?

Brian Debelius
Occasional Advisor

Re: Procurve 2824 default gateway problem

kewl, I figured it out, but I do not quite understand why I needed to do this.

I needed to add a static default route to the firewall. Why?? I thought that is what the gateway address was for.

Would you explain this to me?

Ron Kinner
Honored Contributor

Re: Procurve 2824 default gateway problem

Typically you would expect the switch to send an icmp redirect to the server to tell it that it could get there faster by going straight to the firewall. This is because they are all on the same subnet so there is no need for the switch to get involved. However, the firewall should have seen some server traffic in this case.

Looking in the manual I see that the default gateway is ONLY used if routing is NOT enabled. You have to create your own default static route using as the destination (see the table on page 16-6.)