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Procurve 2848 vlan question

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Antonio V
Occasional Visitor

Procurve 2848 vlan question

Hello. I'm a little new to this. I currently use a 2848 switch for all my servers. This switch is IP Default gateway is a Cisco 2600 router and a Cisco PIX515 firewall sits in front of that with internal IP Everything works fine with this setup. All static routes in place.

I am trying to setup a new VLAN on ports 1-3 on the 2848 for a test environment. I have created this VLAN2 and given it an IP of The ports have been assigned to this VLAN as untagged and the default VLAN is the only other VLAN present.

A new server connected to port 1 and assigned IP with gateway cannot access any other systems on the network or access the internet. My Cisco router does have a default route of, but I wasn't sure if I needed to added a route for the as I thought the switch might handle all that. Also not sure if I need to adjust the PIX firewall.

Any help is appreciated.
Mohieddin Kharnoub
Honored Contributor

Re: Procurve 2848 vlan question


Where you are doing routing between Vlans ? on the 2800 or on the Cisco router ?

If you enabled the 2800 ip routing then you should be able to route between these 2 Vlans.

But if you have the Cisco router as default gateway for the 2800 switch then you have a Router on Stick scenario.
In this case you should tag the ports goes to the Cisco router with Vlan2, then on the Cisco router create to subinterfaces on the same ethernet interface you conenct to the switch and give each one an IP in the same Vlan range.

The better scenario is to run IP Routing on the 2800 switch, then just add one static route for Vlan2 on the cisco router poiting to Vlan1 ip address on the routnig switch.

Good Luck !!!
Science for Everyone
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Re: Procurve 2848 vlan question

Just out of curiosity: what is the IP address and subnet mask of the 2600 router interface that connects to the PIX inside interface?
Antonio V
Occasional Visitor

Re: Procurve 2848 vlan question

Thanks for your help. I think I may have had it working before but I gave up too soon. I set the gateway on the switch to itself and enabled IP routing. I can get to both networks on the switch. BTW...the 2600 router IP on the internal interface that connects to the firewall is the same

One thing, I still can't get out to the internet from the server in VLAN2 with a address. however, a look at my syslog from my firewall shows that IP is being blocked. Look like I just need to adjust some rules on the firewall to allow the traffic.

Again, thanks for your help!