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Procurve 2900-48G Ports failing

Occasional Contributor

Procurve 2900-48G Ports failing

Hello All

We are experiencing an odd problem relating to ports just stopping working mid-flow. What happens is on two of our switches a user will be working away when all of a sudden the pc gets a 169.* ip address and says it cant contact a DHCP server. The ports are seemingly random although has affected the same user twice. The problem is always cured by a full reboot of the switch.

The switches are both separated by a fibre link between buildings. Not all ports are affected, currently we have one on one of the switches and 2 on the other. The ports affected are part of the default vlan and another is configured on both switches to use ports 38-48 and use the fibre as trunking for both vlans. Although the second vlan was a recent addition we are currently unable to remove it to test due to currently being in use.

The switches don’t report any errors, loss of links or faults with the ports in question.

Does anyone know where to start or commands to run to try and diagnose this problem (removing the vlan is a last ditch test but is at least a week away at the moment.