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Procurve 2900 allways corrupt configuration on power outage

Gareth Walters
Occasional Contributor

Procurve 2900 allways corrupt configuration on power outage

G'day all,
I have 6 x 2900 48 port J9050A switches.
Most times they lose power their active configuration is corrupted in some way.

The amount of corruption is variable; sometimes they have reverted to the default config but retained their static IP address other times its only a few lines of the config is lost.

This is VERY annoying.

I have a copy of their config saved and so its usually a case of changing the boot up config to the backup and rebooting. (then recopying the config from the backup)

Granted they are on a UPS so the power outages are pretty infrequent but this is very very frustrating.

Is this a knowm problem?
Is it just me seeing this issue?
Is there any way to resolve it?

Gerhard Roets
Esteemed Contributor

Re: Procurve 2900 allways corrupt configuration on power outage

Hi Gareth

Might be a good idea to tell us the current software version on the devices and the output of "show config files" and "show flash" will help.

Do you have any log messages about what is corrupt ?

Bruce Campbell_3
Valued Contributor

Re: Procurve 2900 allways corrupt configuration on power outage

We've had this issue on Procurve 2626's
and 2650's. I posted some information here


It happened again yesterday on two 2650's
running H.10.83. There was a power outage,
about 25 switches lost power for an hour,
when the power came back, the two 2650's
in question lost parts of their configs.

Happened in Sept/2010


and in a 2610 in December/09

Bruce Campbell
Director, Network Services
Information Systems and Technology
MC 1018
(519)888-4567 x38323
University of Waterloo, Waterloo, ON
Jean-Marc Liotier
Occasional Visitor

Re: Procurve 2900 allways corrupt configuration on power outage

Same issue here - we have two 1810G-24 (J9450A) and one 1810G-8 (J9449A). The building experienced a sudden power loss (the breaker tripped when someone plugged something in some faulty multi plug extension cord) and less than a minute later when the power came back up the switches were no longer reachable : not at their configured address nor at their factory default of I had to clear their memory to factory defaults.

I'm going to put the on UPS, but still - this sucks.