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Procurve 2910al Routing

Gary Clarke_1
Occasional Visitor

Procurve 2910al Routing

I am trying to configure a number of HP procurve switches on 2 sites linked via 2 asa firewalls. I am having problems getting the routing to work correctly.

Switch 1 has 2 vlans 1 & 10 both have ip address configured. I can connect a PC to vlan 10 and ping both vlan IP address on the switch.
From the switch command line I can ping out to other lans on the network. However from the PC I can't ping anyhting out side the 2 vlans on the 2910. The PC has a def-gateway configured for the vlan 10 IP address on the switch.

Why can the PC ping other networks when the switch can. On a cisco 3560 this work easily and without error. The IP routing command is this only between vlans on the switch itself? Then you apply static routes to try and across other networks.

Any help would be appreciated.

Jorge Pons
Trusted Contributor

Re: Procurve 2910al Routing


can you post configurations?
Switch ping inside interface, PC no.

Regards, Jorge

Re: Procurve 2910al Routing

If you configure ip-routing on Procurve Switches you must not use "ip gefault-gateway".

you have to add an ip route to gateway.

i.e. ip route

Pieter 't Hart
Honored Contributor

Re: Procurve 2910al Routing

your desription is very brief.
there are lots of point to check.

"ip routing" is to enable the switch as a router.
you can just let the switch pass vlan's to a real router and do no routing itself
(or pass both vlan's to the ASA).
This case you configure the default gateway of the client to the dedicated router.

The procurve switch basically does not behave differently than a 3560!
so compare the configs carefully (or post them on the forum) you deffinitely have overlooked something.

By the way there is an ASA in the path, you'll have to check it's config too!
NB! two asa's => check both
Also check the router config on the remote side.
As an ASA is a real firewall you may not just replace the 3560 with a procurve without other config adjustment!
or without cache-timers to expire.

so please tell us more about the setup if you want us to help.