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Procurve 3500-yl switches configuration for mintel VoIP

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Procurve 3500-yl switches configuration for mintel VoIP

Can someone point me in the right direction with this one? I have (8) HP Procurves 3500-yl switches (1) for Core network and (7) for the edges connected with fiber links), a windows domain controller, a cisco router and Mintel voip server. The system was originally setup with voice and 2 data traffic on two networks – and I want to separate the traffic. I have created 3 VLANs, one for the voice traffic (VLAN 5) on; (VLAN 1) is my default vlan for data1 traffic on and (VLAN 2) for data2 traffic on VLAN 1 and VLAN 2 have separate traffic and I'm using GVRP to sync traffic between the edge switches. I read that I can't use GVRP for voice vlan so I will have to change my configuration on core switch. the DHCP for VLAN 1 is my windows domain controller and the DHCP for VLAN2 is my cisco router. I also want the VLAN 1 and VLAN 2 to communicate with my voice VLAN 5. Some of the workstations and phones are stand-alone and some workstations are linked to an IP phone. I haven't tested anything yet. I just want to get some guidance on how this should be properly configured. Here is a sample config of what I have so far. Please offer any suggestions or comments you may have.

Thanks in advance !


; J8692A Configuration Editor; Created on release #K.13.49

hostname "CORE2 PoE switch 3500yl24"
snmp-server contact "ULTIMATE"
module 1 type J86xxA
snmp-server community "public" Unrestricted
vlan 1
name "DATA1"
untagged 1,3-24
ip address
no untagged 2
vlan 2
name "DATA2"
ip address dhcp-bootp
vlan 5
name "VoIP"
untagged 2
qos priority 7
ip address
tagged 1,4-5
no ip ssh
password manager
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Re: Procurve 3500-yl switches configuration for mintel VoIP


What do you mean by "sync" traffic between edge switches? GVRP is a protocol that distributes information about VLANs. Helpful but also dangerous. In your case, only a few switches and very few VLANs, I would suggest don't use it. Causes more problems than it does good. You should statically configure all your switches with vlan 1,2,and 5. and tagg the links between the edge and the core with these vlans.
Example: Core switch, port 1 connects to edge switch port 1:

vlan 1
tagg 1
vlan 2
tagg 2
Vlan 5
tagg 5

Do the same thing on the edge switch and now both switches have vlan 1,2,5 configured. You still need to configure the rest of the ports, phones, PCs etc. but you have to do that anyhow, GVRP wouldn't solve that problem for you.

Hope this helps.