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Procurve 4000M, J4115a, Intel 10/100/1000 card

Blaine Homer
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Procurve 4000M, J4115a, Intel 10/100/1000 card

Using the latest drivers, and firmware on procurve C_9_19.swi), all cables are good, verified that the switch is good, verified that the gigabit modules are good...just can't get the Intel built on nics (SE7501HG2)to talk to the J4115a modules. (Can't even get a link light...regadless if both sides set to auto, or fixed. Would appriciate any insights. BTW Have several of these same boards successfully talking to the J4115b.

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Re: Procurve 4000M, J4115a, Intel 10/100/1000 card

Hi Blaine,

If you say that all Nic's talk to the "B" version and not to the "A" version then the problem is clear. Call HP and let them exchange the "A" version's for "B's".
I have also seen this problem with the IntelProNic's there is an issue with the "A" version and all modules exchanged by HP. See link below for phonenr.


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