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Procurve 4000M User Acces Verification

Brian Hollander_1
Occasional Contributor

Procurve 4000M User Acces Verification

There is no user access setup in the switch. But when I try to open a Telnet session it aks for User Access Verification. What can be my problem? I have 2 more of the same switches but they do not behave this way.
Arimo Laine_2
Valued Contributor

Re: Procurve 4000M User Acces Verification


Try pressing Clear on the switch front panel. That clears all passwords on the switch.

Then check that you don't have TACACS+ or other authentication defined in the switch... this assuming you're able to access the switch either through console or telnet interface after pressing Clear.

If nothing else helps, you can always return the switch to factory default settings by

1. pressing Clear and Reset together
2. Release Reset
3. When Self Test blinks, release Clear.

Note that after FD reset you must configure the switch all over again... it clears truly everything.