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Procurve 4108gl IP routing

Murray Yutzy
Occasional Visitor

Procurve 4108gl IP routing

Documentation specification describes the 4108gl as having the ability to perform "automatic routing with up to 16 external routes - including one default route - in IP networks". I have been unable to locate configuration information concerning how to configure. Our topology consists of a 4108 (one internal vlan) and two 2650's, each with a vlan that extends into the 4108.

Should the 4108 be able to route between vlans or is the description of IP routing limited to routing packets to destinations external to the physical 4108 chassis?
Thanks for any responses.
Ron Kinner
Honored Contributor

Re: Procurve 4108gl IP routing

Routing between VLANs does not happen automatically. You have to assign an IP address (and mask) to each VLAN. The IP address has to fit in the range of address used on that VLAN. Then you either use that address as the default gateway for each PC on that VLAN or make separate entries in each PC's routing table telling it to use that address to get to addresses in the other VLANs.

The static routes are only necessary if you have to send to IP addresses which are outside of the IP ranges already assigned to each VLAN and which cannot be reached via the default route. You cannot use them to tell it to send traffic from VLAN1 to VLAN2 nor do you need to - those will be routed automatically if each VLAN has an IP address and mask assigned to it.