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Procurve 5400 memory leak

Occasional Contributor

Procurve 5400 memory leak


We have aprox 7 Procurve5406/5412 switches.
On two of these we loose about 11 bytes of memory per second. This has been seen on both K.13.63 and K.13.51. When memory comes down to about 10Mb, the switch reboots with some messages saved to the log...

I 08/10/09 04:56:33 00063 system: System went down: 08/10/09 04:52:18
I 08/10/09 04:56:33 00061 system: ----------------------------------------------
M 08/10/09 04:52:18 sys: 'NMI event SW:IP=0x009cb480 MSR:0x00029210 LR:0x004128d8 Task='tDevPollRx' Task ID=0x89b9c10'

The switch is one of our core switches and runs OSPF and VRRP for less than 40 VLAN's

Slot Module Description
----- ----------------------------------------
A ProCurve J8706A 24p SFP zl Module
D ProCurve J8708A 4p 10G CX4 zl Module
E ProCurve J8708A 4p 10G CX4 zl Module
F ProCurve J8708A 4p 10G CX4 zl Module
I ProCurve J8707A 4p 10-GbE zl Module
J ProCurve J8707A 4p 10-GbE zl Module
Occasional Contributor

Re: Procurve 5400 memory leak

I will create a support case for this instead...

Sorry for taking your time.