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Procurve 5406ZL Hung with Fault

Ivan Talley
Occasional Contributor

Procurve 5406ZL Hung with Fault

At aprx 12:55PM CST this switch completely froze. All port indicator lights were out but the power, fault, and chassis module indicators at the top of the chassis were illuminated. The switch completely stopped passing traffic. I removed power and restarted the switch which successfully initialized after about 3 minutes. The alert log was empty except for a "first time installtion" entry.

I've never experienced anything like this with an HP chassis before and wanted to know if anyone else has.

Switch is currently running K.14.60 ROM K.12.21
Respected Contributor

Re: Procurve 5406ZL Hung with Fault

Kindly provide us with the "show tech all" command output and if possible topology diagram or even mention how manny redundant links available and on which ports.

Also please mention if there are non STP compatible devices connected to this switch.