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Procurve 5406zl VoIP Vlan Issue

Occasional Advisor

Procurve 5406zl VoIP Vlan Issue

We are starting to get a VoIP network - though the VoIP config and servers are being supplied via our Telco.

The handsets are Polycom 330 phones that will be linked into HP Desktops (7900's and 8000's). The issues that we are having is that the PC's no longer get a PXE (Altiris) boot server or proper IP address.

As per below, PC's should be part of Vlan 1, VoIP phones and POE are working.

This is our current running config:

trunk A12,C12 Trk4 LACP
ip default-gateway
ip routing
timesync sntp
sntp unicast
snmp-server community "***" Unrestricted
snmp-server community "public" Unrestricted
snmp-server host "***" Critical informs retries 5 timeout 120
snmp-server host "***" Critical
snmp-server host "public" Not-INFO informs retries 5 timeout 60
vlan 1
untagged A1-A11,A13-A24,C1-C11,C13-C24,D1-D24,Trk4
ip address
no untagged B1-B24
vlan 100
name "VoIP"
untagged B1-B24
qos priority 7
ip helper-address
ip address
tagged A23
fault-finder bad-driver sensitivity high
fault-finder bad-transceiver sensitivity high
fault-finder bad-cable sensitivity high
fault-finder too-long-cable sensitivity high
fault-finder over-bandwidth sensitivity high
fault-finder broadcast-storm sensitivity high
fault-finder loss-of-link sensitivity high
fault-finder duplex-mismatch-HDx sensitivity high
fault-finder duplex-mismatch-FDx sensitivity high
sntp server priority 1
ip authorized-managers access Manager
ip authorized-managers access Manager
no ip ssh
ip route
router rip
snmp-server trap-source
spanning-tree Trk4 priority 4
vlan 100
ip rip
ip rip receive V1-only
ip rip send V1-only

Jeff Carrell
Honored Contributor

Re: Procurve 5406zl VoIP Vlan Issue

In order for phones and computers to work in a single port, the port must be "tagged" in the voice vlan and "untagged" in the data vlan.

So either the phone must be set to tagged, or start out as untagged and gets its config via a tftp download and reconfigure itself to speak tagged, then the pc will work, as it only speaks untagged (generally anyway).

A port can only be untagged in 1 vlan, while can be tagged in multiple vlans - simultaneously.