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Re: Procurve 5412zl routing... help please

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Procurve 5412zl routing... help please


I am trying to get routing configured on our new 5412zl and am having issues. The syntax just doesn't make sense to me coming from a different environment, and I KNOW I have missed something. However, staring for hours has revealed nothing. This switch is still in a test environment that is modeled after our production VLANs.

I have a SonicWALL firewall at A1 (, VLAN 29) that the switch can ping out to the internet from while telnetted in. I can also ping a PC I have on the switch at C1.

This PC can ping all of the procurve's VLAN IP interfaces as well as those of Cisco 3508's downstream A21 and B21. However, this PC cannot ping the firewall IP at A1 and cannot get out to the internet. I am bringing a second PC over to test inter-VLAN routing tomorrow, but I wanted to post in case you all notice something wrong with the attached config.

Thanks in advance,


I can ping any host telnetted to the switch and out to the internet. However, any PC connected is unable to ping beyond the VLAN IPs on the 5412.
Jeff Carrell
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Re: Procurve 5412zl routing... help please

1) does the f/w have a return route of to those networks on the 5406?

That sounds like the issue.

Since the 5406 is in the network, the f/w knows how to get back to it.

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Re: Procurve 5412zl routing... help please

Commenter was correct, the firewall did not have the return route properly set.