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Procurve DEFAULT_VLAN and tagging

Nicolas M
Occasional Contributor

Procurve DEFAULT_VLAN and tagging


One of our customer is having 3 switches :

2 x Procurve 2824 , SWA & SWB, interconnected by a trunk trk1.

1 x Procurve 2824 SWC.

There is a link between port 20 of SWA and SWC. SWB is there to achieve redundancy.

Currently customer has no VLAN, only DEFAULT_VLAN = 1 is configured, all ports of SWA/SWB untagged to this VLAN.

This is causing issues since SWA & SWB are polluted with broadcasts from servers behind SWC.

I would like to implement VLANs, so that :

Traffic internal to servers behind SWA/SWC is in a VLAN 10.
Management traffic remains in VLAN 1.
But to achieve this I will need to implement VLAN on customer servers because of lack of free network interfaces on these servers.
So on customer servers there will be bond0 ip address for MGT LAN, and bond0.10 for internal VLAN 10.
On the switch, corresponding ports will be untagged for VLAN 1, tagged for VLAN 10.
trk1 will be tagged for 1 & 10.

I have no problem to create VLANS. My query is now regarding the port 20 of SWA that connects to SWC.

Should I leave port 20 untagged in DEFAULT_VLAN, or should I tag explicitely port 20 for VLAN 1 ? If I do this I guess it is needed to tag port on both sides ?


Matt Hobbs
Honored Contributor

Re: Procurve DEFAULT_VLAN and tagging

To answer your question, you can leave port 20 untagged in VLAN1, but you could also tag it. As long as it's the same on both ends it'll be fine.

Personally I always leave VLAN1 untagged. I tag the rest of my VLANs.

One last thing though, it sounds like this network is rather small - I would be very surprised if any issues they were having is due to excessive broadcast traffic. Do you have more detail on the exact issue they are seeing?

With the 2800 series, a common complain is poort Gigabit to 100Mbit performance. If this is the case, try 'qos-passthrough-mode'
Nicolas M
Occasional Contributor

Re: Procurve DEFAULT_VLAN and tagging

Thanks for your answer Matt Hobbs.

Indeed beyond the SWC switch there is the default gateway. Port 20 is configured to 100 Mbps, other ports are configured to 1Gbps.
The problems on this platform resides in the isolation of LAN. Sometimes there was some delay induced in the communication causing software issue. Broadcast was indeed the main evidence of the bad network configuration (missing VLAN).
I will setup VLAN there on this platform, and I hope I can get a safe network configuration.

Nicolas M
Occasional Contributor

Re: Procurve DEFAULT_VLAN and tagging