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Procurve Default routing

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Re: Procurve Default routing

It's not Its It is in a different location and connected through a 4Mb link. From the switch I can ping this IP. This is the HP switch at the other end. I cannot ping from the laptop connected to the vlan7 / port b16.
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Re: Procurve Default routing

Your static route for points to

"ip route"

I'm trying to picture where this lies.
I've not really come across a setup where traffic is routed a second within the same subnet.
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Re: Procurve Default routing

Hi Sethuram

Well interisting issue you have one quick thing.

I suspect your default route is not working 100%. You might want to review that.

Since all the clients are plugged into vlan 7 which is the management vlan and as per the procurve Advanced Traffic Management Guide is not routable. This is bound to be your issue.

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Re: Procurve Default routing

Hi Gerhard,

This resolved all my problems. Thanks a ton.