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Procurve Manager Client TCP/UDP Ports

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Alan Ibbett
Occasional Visitor

Procurve Manager Client TCP/UDP Ports

Good evening everyone, I would like to know what tcp/udp ports are used by the PCM client to talk to the PCM server. I have PCM servers on different subnets and the subnets are connected together by routers with various acls. I need to open the correct ports to let the PCM client connect to the appropriate server.
I have looked at the documentation and in the forums but if this data is there I cannot see it!
thanks for your time.
cenk sasmaztin
Honored Contributor

Re: Procurve Manager Client TCP/UDP Ports


Steve Britt
Respected Contributor

Re: Procurve Manager Client TCP/UDP Ports

Hi Alan,

I assume you're using PCM 3.0 ...? If so then the following TCP ports must be open between client and server: 3908, 7755, 7770, and 8040.

There are also other ports you will need opened which are dynamically allocated by the PCM server. You can control the ports used rather than allowing dynamic allocation via a configuration file in the PNM/server/config/portmap.txt (assuming PNM is your install directory). The entries in the file that you want to modify for PCM (since you didn't mention its IDM or PMM plugins) look like this by default, where a value of 0 indicates that the port should be dynamically allocated:


If you replace these zeros with specific, open TCP port numbers on the server then those ports will be used instead when you bounce the PCM server process after saving the edited file.

Please note that client/server communication through firewalls is not officially supported by ProCurve Manager, although the advice here should work.


Alan Ibbett
Occasional Visitor

Re: Procurve Manager Client TCP/UDP Ports

Thanks everyone I will give this a go. My question is though is this stuff documented somewhere or have you had to find this out the hard way?

Alan Ibbett
Occasional Visitor

Re: Procurve Manager Client TCP/UDP Ports

BTW I was thinking of PCM 2.3 but at least I have somewhere to start...
Tore Valberg
Trusted Contributor

Re: Procurve Manager Client TCP/UDP Ports


I just need to inform that this is absolutely undocumented, and not supported.

And i wouldn't recommend doing this without knowing what you do.