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Procurve Manager

David Frensham
Occasional Contributor

Procurve Manager

Hi All

I've wanted to clarify what software I can download and install from HP which lets me manage/monitor my HP switches without a licence fee.
I've read bits about PCM being free, but then I see lots of things about 50/100/1000/unlimited licences which I guess u have to pay for ?

Also, wheredo I download this from ?

Tx in advance.
Javed Padinhakara
Respected Contributor

Re: Procurve Manager

You can get PCM for a 60-day free trail.
To download go to

After the 60-day trail period, the number of devices that you can manage and also certain features would get limited.

You need to purchase license to get the full fledged features after that. Basically it is licensed by number of network devices managed and remote Agents required. There are three levels of license:
a) 50-device limited license plus 1 Agent, b) +100-device incremental license plus 1 Agent,
c) an unlimited device license and all supported Agents.
You would need to choose the one per your requirements.

You can get more details by following the above link..


ps:- Noticed that you have joined recently and hence thought will share an important the ettique followed in the forum - assign points on scale (1-10) to people trying to help; its an appreciation for the time they spend in responding to your questions