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Procurve RPS compatible with Cisco devices?

Procurve RPS compatible with Cisco devices?


I noticed that the HP Procurve RPS connectors are the same format as Cisco's RPS connectors.

Does anyone know if they are electrically compatible, and if either company supports the cross-vendor use.

It'd be nice not to have to buy individual RPS units for a procurve switch, then another for a cisco router, when they are sitting side-by-side.
Joel Belizario
Trusted Contributor

Re: Procurve RPS compatible with Cisco devices?

Hi Rod,

The HP RPS is also designed to supplement PoE on certain switches so based on that fact alone I would say they are not compatible.

I had a quick look at the electrical specs for both devices on the respective websites and they do not look similar at all.

I would dare say even if they were identical and made by the same factory overseas and rebadged by both HP and Cisco, neither company would support the other's product because it gets too complicated from a warranty standpoint. Like for example:

(Cisco support guy) "You plugged your Cisco router into a HP power supply? Sorry sir that voids your $1,000,000 Smartnet."

And vice versa... :)