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Procurve netsimulator


Procurve netsimulator

Hi everyone,

Does HP or any external company have a procurve switch/router simulator similar to Boson netsim for CCNA/CCNP or the CCNA network visualizer ...specifically for similating HP procurve switches?

Thanks in advance.
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Re: Procurve netsimulator

I am also looking for same thing.

As unemployed /student i can't buy every hardware equipment that there is available for markets..

At the moment i have Cisco packet tracer in use but i need to learn HP Procurves inside out.
And they are not identical though many ppl. say they are 90% same.. . .
Patrick Terlisten
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Re: Procurve netsimulator


the syntax of the ProCurve CLI and Cisco IOS is almost the same. So if you have a Cisco simulator it shouldn't be a problem to use it for ProCurves. Check the CLI reference for the ProCurves for differences of the Cisco CLI.

Best regards,
Lemmy Kilmister
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Re: Procurve netsimulator

I would have to agree. The base concepts, configurations and setup will be the same. Learn IOS first, then apply it to the HP world. There are a few things HP does differently, nothing you can't figure out. I'd wish HP moved away from the notion of tag/untag on vlans however!
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Re: Procurve netsimulator

I disagree with the latest answers. I admit that i am beginner but that's also the very reason why i need exact match what comes to simulation.
If there is even single difference i can't be sure that i could configure all necessarily tasks with lets say Procurve 2626 in practice exam where is limited amount of time to use.

In my case i know that exam is made with HP Procurve swithes and Cisco routers.
I have used those same exact equipments, though limited amount of time. And some more practices with Cisco packet tracer simulator so i am not totally unaware the situation there.

And based to my tests there is differences between cisco models and even IOS versions.
There is no question about that there is differences between HP's Cisco's switches.

With my little experience i can't trust that when im stressed in that exam i can handle those differences. Or any difference at all.

What i need to do is memorize all commands and do practices in advance, and as long as there is no HP simulator software it cant be done.

I believe that you as more experienced network equipment users can't see it from this point of view anymore.

I'm not newbie what comes to IT stuff in general, like i have passed over 10 certification exams -just not even one which is related to this area.

Everybody are saying about swithes that "yea yea, they are the same -learn one and you know them all" but that's not the case.

At least not if starting from the beginning.

I'm going to learn more later, of course, but right now i have this two machines that i need to learn from inside out. Another is HP Procurve and another Cisco router.
No different brands or IOS versions.

So "use any cisco switch" was not the answer i am looking for.
And i know that others have been wondering this same thing number of times before.. .

With the Packet tracer i have found couple annoying shortcomings when there is commands missing..
Like when tried to do some examples what i found from CCNA materials it just could not be done.
And that example was about different keyboard shortcuts to move cursor when using CLI.

Couple differencies between HP and Cisco that i found from web:

For end nodes - Cisco uses "mode access", HP uses "untagged" mode.
For VLAN dot1q trunks - Cisco uses "mode trunk", HP uses "tagged" mode.
For no VLAN association - Cisco uses no notation at all, HP uses "no" mode in the configuration menu, or you have VLAN support turned off.

This covers same topic: