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Procurve switches to support Q-in-Q?

Markus Jidevåg
Occasional Contributor

Procurve switches to support Q-in-Q?

Trying to find what Procurve switches that support QinQ (vlan stacking)? Find only these documents. QinQWhitePaper_Nov_07_WW_Eng_Ltr.pdf
and 3500-5400-6200-8200-ATG-Jan08-8-QinQ.pdf.

Can someone nice point me to the right direction? Need to know if Procurve 2626 supports QinQ (J4900B 2626B,H.08.02,H.10.31)

Thanks in advance
Jeff Carrell
Honored Contributor

Re: Procurve switches to support Q-in-Q?

only the ProVision ASIC based switches support Q-in-Q:


3500/5400 require the Premium License (extra cost) to enable this feature (as well as enable VRRP, OSPF, mutlicast routing)...the others above come with the PL already enabled...

the 2626 is considered an edge switch and only supports "lite layer 3" - meaning it can do local routing and you can configure up to 16 static routes to get traffic to another network/router...