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Procurve vlan trunking - 8212ZL

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Procurve vlan trunking - 8212ZL

I've been running an 8212ZL in our colo for a few years now without any real issues. However, the IOS version on it is starting to show it's age (v K.12.31!!) and can't cope with anything even remotely exciting you throw at it with vlans (tagged & untagged on the same port causes a nightmare with ARPs, which means I can't move from a native vswitch model on our vSphere environment to redundant uplinks with tagging)


I've just got a new 8212ZL in for redundancy anyway, and I'm going to trunk between the two, upgrade the ios on the old switch and then run multiple layers of redundancy (at the port, module, and chassis level). However, I'm encountering an issue even before passing the vlan information between the switches. I've assigned IP addresses to each vlan, and everything seems to be fine, except for one vlan where I can't ping that IP from a machine assigned natively to a port that vlan. All other vlans are fine except this one.


Is this just another peculiarity of the old-ass firmware I'm running? I've already noticed that the IOS doesn't process updates to it's CAM table properly (sometimes not at all) and have been told by HP that this is because the IP stack was completely rewritten in v13 to acknoledge GARPs better.