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Proliant BL p-class GbE Interconnect Switches

Paul Lantolf
Occasional Visitor

Proliant BL p-class GbE Interconnect Switches

We recently received 4 new enclosures with two Proliant BL p-class GbE Interconnect Switches per enclosure. We were successful connecting to the switches via Telnet through null modem cable on the front of the switch. We used the default ID and password of admin/admin. However, the 4th enclosure does not allow us to do this. We tried a varied combination of ID/pswd to no avail. We did notice that their was an IP address already configured on these two enclosure swithes on a 10.19.x.x network. Now they did not come from us because we have't plugged anything into the uplikn ports on any enclosure. My initial take in it is that these were re-furbs or somehthing to that sort and were never reset to factory defaults. We even tried the PWr/reset port and it does not help. I read briefly about a "fix-up" mode that will allow me to change the password and then allow me to get in. Any ideas if this will help and if so, how do I perform the steps.

Thank you,