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Pronac 800 Access Controller certificate issue


Pronac 800 Access Controller certificate issue

Hi ,

We are facing problems while configuring the Pronac 800 as radius server,the following are the problems

1. While login into the Pronac 800 as root it is showing IDM Agent is not configured to use IDM Mgmt server,run the /var/opt/HP/idm/agent/sbin/

After run the those commands IDM Agent is installed and configured.Once login to the root it is showing the same error,plz find the attachment .

2.We are not able to install the CA certificates or selfsigned certificates in Pronac 800 .We need these certificates because

we are implementing DYNAMIC VLANS(802.1x) for wired and wireless users by using windows 2003 server as AD/DNS/DHCP/PCM+2.3&IDM 2.2 (IAS is not using here) Management server and Pronac 800 as RADIUS SERVER
ONLY.So users will get the authentication by Pronac 800(radius server only) and will access the netwrok resources.plz find the netwrok diagram also.

plz send configurations if any