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Putting server on 1Gbit port (switch)

Daf Loz
Occasional Visitor

Putting server on 1Gbit port (switch)

We currently use HP unmanaged hubs in our organization. Due to saturation I'm going to move some files (heavily accessed flat file database) from the main server onto a second server and replace the hubs with a switch.

The query is - if I was to buy a switch with a couple of Gbit ports (eg HP 2650) and connected this new server to the Gbit Port would I get any benefit. I've read articles on the web that seem to conflict. Some say that the switch will only operate the port between the server and each workstation at 100Mbits(the worksation port speed) others say that a switch will aggregate the bandwith on the faster port to allow multiple simultaneous connections to this port??

Would it just be better to put two 100mbit Intel cards in the server and load balance them?
Mark Landin
Valued Contributor

Re: Putting server on 1Gbit port (switch)

Each workstation, yes. If you only have one workstation at a time talking to the server, then yes gigabit won't help. However, if you have multiple clients asking for traffic, then gigabit will help. The switch can feed multiple 100-Mbit workstations at once, so if your server could too, that would be nice. :)