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QOS Monitoring capabilities

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QOS Monitoring capabilities

I can't find any way to monitor the QOS operation of 2800 or 5400 switches. Can I look at the queues, etc?

cenk sasmaztin
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Re: QOS Monitoring capabilities

hi Alex
you want create QoS network and in all network see this operation

for you necessary wireshark program this program free and with true config you see all network packet

firs you make config one port on switch monitor port and wireshark install one pc
and this pc connect monitor port on switch and run wireshark
and see all network flow packet movement
and all QoS packet.

Frame 53 (70 bytes on wire, 70 bytes captured)
Ethernet II, Src: 00:40:05:40:ef:24, Dst: 00:60:08:9f:b1:f3
802.1q Virtual LAN
000. .... .... .... = Priority: 6
...0 .... .... .... = CFI: 0
.... 0000 0010 0000 = ID: 32
Type: IP (0x0800)
Internet Protocol, Src Addr: (, Dst Addr: (
Transmission Control Protocol, Src Port: 1173 (1173), Dst Port: 6000 (6000), Seq: 0, Ack: 128, Len: 0

two method QoS config on your network L2 and L3 prioritization standart

1. IEEE 802.1p, a Layer 2 technology that uses a three-bit field in the 802.1Q
VLAN tag to indicate prioritization

2. IP Type of Service (ToS) and DiffServ, which are Layer 3 technologies that
use the IP ToS field to indicate prioritization. Because they function at Layer3, these technologies can be used to enforce prioritization across WAN

I hope you want L2 prioritization on lan
please you see carefully below my opinion

for L2 priority :
you make frist assign vlan or interface on your switch and assing 0-7 priority

and you make end device assign same priority ip phone and voip server

this priority switches see only tagging port.

for more info wireshark:http://wiki.wireshark.org/VLAN

good luck.