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QOS - VOIP / Data

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QOS - VOIP / Data

I am looking for some help and guidance on QOS for the following phones.

Siemens Optipoint 410 Economy
Siemens OpenStage 40 HFA

I have seen one of the models physicaly and they do have the facility to patch in a data device as well.

For now all I have done is enabled the following config

vlan 18
name "Voice"
ip helper-address 10.X.X.40
ip helper-address 10.X.X.41
ip address 10.X.X.1
tagged A1-A3,B1-B2,C1-C3,Trk1

So what I am trying to look for is the following:

1. I am assuming that the QOS config is the same for VOIP traffic irelevant of any phone type.
2. normally everyone in there networks gives highest priority to voice traffic ?

I need to acheive the following:

Once the phone is patched into the switch it would allow data and voice both on the same port. So the data traffic would be allowed and VOIP on the same port & get the correct ip address from there relevant DHCP scopes on Windows 2008 Server BUT VOPIP would have a high priority throughout the network.

Any help will be much apprecaited.


When I posted earlier I had this feed back.

-- cenk sasmaztin ---

QoS have two type L2 and L3
L2 QoS running must be on tagged state switch port
if you setting on ip phone L2 priority value
for example priority 6
each frame (ip phone to network) included 4byte priority value, this value aware only tagged state switch port

for L2 config
must be QoS setting on ip phone
must be setting QoS on switch port and swich port must have tagged state

my advice you can use L3 QoS
L3 QoS assign priority value on packet network port number or ip address priority value no needed tagged state switch port
when packet included specific port number or ip address switch forward preferred this packet

for example
with this command port 80 and port 554 hight priority on switch

qos tcp-port 80 dscp 101110
qos tcp-port 554 dscp 101110
qos type-of-service diff-services


I was looking for some more explaination and config help / examples along side a working VOIP solution.

Our core switches are 8206 & the edge are 2910al & 2610.

any help will be much apprecaited.

Thank you