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QOS on 4100gl

Kambiz Jahanshahi
Occasional Visitor

QOS on 4100gl


I've recently moved to a new company and have inherited a 4100gl switch which I'm pretty inexperienced with.

We're looking to implement a softphone solution and require QOS across the network. At present the network is basically one large untagged vlan. Is there an easy way to setup QOS on this or will need to some major changes?

Thanks in advance for your help

Mohieddin Kharnoub
Honored Contributor

Re: QOS on 4100gl


The QoS should be planned before doing it, the following link have all answers for all your questions.


Anyway, in your current setup, you can have QoS based on Device, because the softphone should communicate with one Media Gateway (or whatever VoIP Server) that has an IP Address.

Also using QoS on a TCP/UDP port number is a good solution here.

Good Luck !!!
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Thomas Joebstl
Frequent Advisor

Re: QOS on 4100gl

Unfortunately the Advanced Traffic Management Guide is only valid for the 26xx/28xx series.
The 4100gl is a piece of junk when it comes to QoS (among other things). It only supports 802.1p or port based priority, no diffserv, no cos etc. Even the ancient 2424's I have here support more than that.
Check ftp://ftp.hp.com/pub/networking/software/Mgmt-Oct2005-59906023-Chap10.pdf
10-25 to 10-33 and start to cry.
Your only option is to use VLAN tagging (to enable 802.1p) to connect all your VoIP equipment if you really need to run proper QoS.
Kambiz Jahanshahi
Occasional Visitor

Re: QOS on 4100gl

thanks for the advice,

Thomas I was hoping you would advise me of something more than that reference from the manual. I was hoping I was missed something from the manual as the part on QOS seemed very thin.

Guess it might be best to upgrade my switches
Thomas Joebstl
Frequent Advisor

Re: QOS on 4100gl

Dear Kam,
I really wish I could offer you a link to some better docs but I'm stuck with the same issue and didnt find anything better than that rather limited documentation. The specs only mention 802.1p as well so I, too, will have to dump the 4140 if the VoIP guys insist of having QoS without going the 802.1p/q route.
On the other hand I dont see much need for QoS in my case since the peak aggregate switch throughput is around 80MBit/s - and that's only when the backups run, thanks to the rest of the ~200 clients using just Citrix/Terminal server connections - so there's plenty of bandwidth left for the phones.