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Re: QinQ *through* 5406zl

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QinQ *through* 5406zl

I have logged a case at HP, but there seems to be no progress in that department.

We are trying to transport jumbo-frames containing double tagged VLAN. Since the outer VLAN tag is tagged through, and the Jumbo knob is switched on, I'd think this was a walk in the park. The QinQ is done by Juniper EX switches. Placing a Cisco something between them works fine - as it should do. However, when placing a 5406 between them, traffic stops to flow. We do not have an advanced license for this switch (to support adding/dropping an extra tag), and the question is: Do I need this to transport a double tagged frame *through* the switch?

--[EX]==============[EX]-- OK
--[EX]====[Cisco]====[EX]-- OK
--[EX]====[5406]=====[EX]-- Not OK
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Re: QinQ *through* 5406zl

Since the "double tagged" QinQ frame may have a different 'vlan type field' value (0x88a8) [or even something different than that], I am thinking that the 5406 is seeing that and discarding it regardless of frame size as it doesn't know how to deal with it. It's not type 0x0800 [untagged] or type 0x8100 [tagged].

See this link for more info:

In the 5406 you can also change the vlan type field, so perhaps you could as well on the Juniper, so if the value was 0x8100, the 5406 may recognize it as valid and simply pass it through with Jumbo frames enabled.

Also see this info in the 5406 manual, page 8-12:

Can you grab an inbound pkt capture to the 5406 to verify the vlan type field value?

You are also correct in order to configure QinQ on the 5406, the 5406 requires the "Premium License" in order to enable that feature (as well as OSPF, Multicast routing, IPv6 routing).

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Re: QinQ *through* 5406zl

The EX sends with ethertype 0x8100.
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Re: QinQ *through* 5406zl

Well, that was easy :-)

Ok, what version of code have you tried?

Do you have an inbound pkt capture from the Juniper to the 5406?

Can we see a sanitized 5406 config?

I'm guessing you've been all through this with HPN tech support, so perhaps it is moot.

I have done various QinQ configs in my lab on all ProVision ASIC switches as I have the PremLic on all of them, but I have not tried anything like your scenario.

Sorry I couldn't be more help.
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Re: QinQ *through* 5406zl

For the record; the 5406 without the Advanced License pops *both* tags when receiving a double-tagged 0x8100 Ethernet frame. This is by design, to prevent VLAN injection.

Now, for other types of tags the 5406 simply drops the frame. This is not wanted behaviour, and is supposedly escalated within HP.

Thought you'd like to know :)
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Re: QinQ *through* 5406zl

Thanx for the update!