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QoS 5300xl end-to-end

M D Tizzard
Occasional Advisor

QoS 5300xl end-to-end


I would really appreciate if someone could give some advice on QoS setup. I am testing with the use of DSCP so that this can be used to implement QoS downstream on our MPLS WAN. I am having trouble understanding how this is honoured at both ends

I have issued the following in the CLI:

qos tcp-port 80 dscp 001110 - this should map to preconfigured AF codepoint with priority 2.

qos tcp-port 1494 dscp 100100 - this again should map to preconfigured AF codepoint with priority 6.

I have checked in Ethereal and http & ICA packets now have the diffserv bits sets as above.

Is that all that needs to be done on the switch to allow http traffic outbound to our gateway to be placed in the relevant low and high priority queues?

In end-to-end Qos when these hit the MPLS routers this DSCP will again be configured for relevant priority and should be retained with the packet until they hit a 5300 at the other end. As this remote switch has these codepoints already defined by default will the switch automatically then prioritise the traffic accordingly?

Appreciate any help you can give.


Simon Green