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QoS CBWFQ based on DSCP markings on Procurve


QoS CBWFQ based on DSCP markings on Procurve


We are planning to install Micosoft Communication server, and Office communicater on our clients.
Our users will then make IP-telephony calls through their Office communicater (softphone) on their PC's. Therefore I need to implement QoS to make sure the VoIP calls Quality is good.

AS you can se in this blog: http://voipnorm.blogspot.com/2010/03/enabling-qos-on-ocs-servers-part-1.html
the windows clients can do the DSCP marking. So i just need to trust the DSCP marking thoughout my network (I think so :-))

I'm planning to use a CBWFQ but have no idea how to configure that on HP equipment, (I have only used Cisco equipment before..)

I need the DCSP markings to remain into the packet (frame) thoughout the network and to setup CBWFQ's and have some classed that trust the DSCP values.

I Think it's very difficult to find good documentation on HP's website..

Is there anyone who can explain how it's done? and maybe provide me with a configuration example.

Regards Steffen - Denmark.

Re: QoS CBWFQ based on DSCP markings on Procurve

BTW.. Our switche is..

Access switches: 2610 and 4208vl (layer2)

Core siwtches: 5406zl (layer 3)
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Re: QoS CBWFQ based on DSCP markings on Procurve

You can check the Advanced traffic management guide for the 2610 and the other switches, there is a chapter for QoS and includes the IP ToS and DSCP.

Basiclly what you need is to enable ToS
Syntax: qos type-of-service diff-services < codepoint >
Causes the switch to read the < codepoint > (DSCP) of an incoming IPv4 packet and, when a match occurs, assign a corresponding 802.1p priority, as configured in the switchâ s DSCP table.

You have to make sure that the DSCP value set by clients are mapped on the switch and 802.1p is configured for them since non-routed traffic will use the 802.1p tagging.

use this to check the mapping:
show qos type-of-service

To map DSCP code to a 802.1p use below:
qos dscp-map < codepoint > priority < 0 - 7 > [name < ascii-string >]
Configures an 802.1p priority for the specified codepoint and, optionally, an identifying (policy) name.

the chapter explains more about this please check it.

Re: QoS CBWFQ based on DSCP markings on Procurve

OKay thank you. Can you give a link to "Advanced traffic management guide for the 2610" i can't navigate on the HP websites :-)

Re: QoS CBWFQ based on DSCP markings on Procurve

Re: QoS CBWFQ based on DSCP markings on Procurve

qos dscp-map 101110 name "OCS_VOICE"
qos dscp-map 101110 priority 5
qos dscp-map 100010 name "OCS_VIDEO"
qos dscp-map 100010 priority 4

qos type-of-service diff-services

I have made this configuration on my access switche, where the clients are conneted.

Its it correct?
I'm assigning a priority of 5 (802.1p) to the DSCP value of 101110 and the enable diff-services.

The QoS queues should be setup on the layer 3 devices right? i'm uning cisco as routers..