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QoS: DSCP Markings on Procurve Switches

QoS: DSCP Markings on Procurve Switches

Hi all
We are using Micrsoft Lync server 2010 as our voIP solution.
Our Lync clients (softphones) are using port range udp 5000 to 50050 for voice traffic. Therefore i would like to mark that port range with DSCP value EF (101110).

My Core Switches is Procurve 5406

My access layer switches is Procurve 4208 and 2610

At the 5406 switches i've typed this commando:
qos udp-port range 5000 50050 dscp 101110

So that packets in that port range will marked with DSCP value EF (101110)

ESB-HP-5406-Core-01# sh qos tcp-udp-port-priority

TCP/UDP port based priorities

| Application |
Protocol | Port Apply rule | DSCP Priority
-------- + ----------- ---------- + ------ -----------
UDP | 5000-50050 DSCP | 101110 7

At my Procurve 2610 switches i've done the same marking.

But on the 4208 Switches i cannot type "range" in the port command. So I cannot add a port range, only a single port.

I've updated the 4208 switches to last software version L.11.24, but it is still not possible:

ESB-HP-4208-floor-2(config)# qos udp-port ?
TCP/UDP-PORT TCP/UDP port from [to] which to prioritize traffic.
ESB-HP-4208-floor-2(config)# qos udp-port range
Invalid input: range
ESB-HP-4208-floor-2(config)# qos udp-port range

Any suggetions??

Best Regards, Steffen.

Antonio Milanese
Trusted Contributor

Re: QoS: DSCP Markings on Procurve Switches

Hi Steffen,

using priorities per device (or per vlan)

"qos device-priority dscp 101110"

and force downstream/aggregate switches to honor DSCP DSCP/COS mapping

"qos type-of-service diff-services"

might be a good solution for your situation..correct?

Best regards,

Re: QoS: DSCP Markings on Procurve Switches

Hi i cannot do it by VLAN, since Microsoft Lync using softphones, installed on PC clients. So Voice and Data will always be in same VLAN.

Per device??

I think its best to do it by port range, then i'm sure its the voice traffic that would be marked. Just think its funny that i cannot do that command on a 4208 module switch, when it's possible on 2610 and 5406 swtiches..
Antonio Milanese
Trusted Contributor

Re: QoS: DSCP Markings on Procurve Switches

Hi Steffen,

ok but you could mix and match priorities knowing classifiers priority/eval order:

1) port priority below EF (i.e. RDP,SMB2,ecc)
2) device priority EF

I don't know what other roles are held by that server but it's really a concern if some other "infrastructure" traffic is prioritized ?

If yes..a viable solution is to use a QoS policy at Windows O.S. level marking DSCP using the windows packet scheduler and having a true a end-to-end QoS.

Best regards,