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QoS clarification required

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Nick Creed
New Member

QoS clarification required


I am currently configuring a 2626-PWR switch which has both a data and voice vlans. At this moment in time I beleive the phones mark their traffic using DSCP markings at Layer 3.

If I want to simply proritize the voice vlan traffic over the data traffic, i.e not differentiate between voice signalling and voice payloads just yet, would the following config for the voice vlan work?

vlan 709
name "VOICE"
no ip address
qos priority 6
tagged 1-26

I understand that "qos pri 6" classifies the traffic for that vlan but does this also enable qos on the switch and therefore the traffic forward out of egress queue 4 (I believe this model has 4 queues and classification 6-7 get mapped to Q4)?

Can someone please clarify if this is correct, or do I need additional config at global level to achieve QoS.


Jeff Carrell
Honored Contributor

Re: QoS clarification required

some VoIP phones also set QoS to pri 6 (802.1p) if they are configured for 802.1Q tagging...

ProCurve switches have QoS enabled by default, and if 802.1p settings come thru, the switch will automatically use it...

so, if you want to manually or hardset QoS on a vlan, then what you have above is correct...and this setting will also "override" any 802.1p setting that comes into that vlan...

that switch does have 4 queues, and yes pri 6-7 are Q4...

you can also config QoS pri settings by port, and other parameters too :-)

Sietze Reitsma
Respected Contributor

Re: QoS clarification required

one addition to make your live easier if your phone supports LLDP-MED

mark the vlan for LLDP-MED to add the mark vlan as a voice vlan. Phone automatically gets the vlan id and the qos config from the switch. No dual boot needed.

conf example:

2626(config)#vlan 709 voice