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QoS on 2600 Switches

Jason Scott
Regular Advisor

QoS on 2600 Switches

I have a Polycom EX video conference unit connected to a 2650 switch. On this switch the data traffic is in an 802.1Q VLAN (untagged for client ports, tagged for uplink port).

The Polycom EX has an option to enable IP Precedence (which is enabled). However I am unsure if the switch is honouring this precedence in its default state. Or do I need to actually enable QoS on the switch? Currently the output of show qos type-of-service is Disabled.

My understanding is that any packets from an upstream device that have their IP Precedence set, will be honoured by the switch when forwarded out of a tagged vlan port. But because the port connecting the EX unit is an untagged client port I'm unsure if this QoS tag is being stripped before its getting to the uplink port.

Any clarification greatly appreciated!
Jeff Brownell
Valued Contributor

Re: QoS on 2600 Switches

check out the "managment and config" and "advanced traffic managment" guides on procurves doc pages for info on setting qos on your switches http://www.hp.com/rnd/support/manuals/2650_6108.htm