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QoS on 2650 and 2624 switches

Adrian O'Shea
Occasional Contributor

QoS on 2650 and 2624 switches

Dear Support,
We have recently purchased 20 of the above switches for implementing our VoIP solution.
We have purchased a VoIP solution from a vendor that allows on each IP phone support for a 2 port switch. Therefore we need to mix the user and phone VLANs (single subnet).
I have done an initial setup using a commander switch and several member switches. But now need to implement a policy for honouring the QoS classification of the traffic. (Phones mark with DSCP value of 40).
We already have a WAN infrastructure (Cisco) that is configured to deal with this traffic via a strict priority queue, but need to ensure the LAN side of things also treats this priority traffic correctly.

Has anyone any decent links or working solutions/configs they can help me with.

Your assistance is greatly appreciated, this is for a registered charity ... So thanks again in advance.

regards, Adrian.
Bruce Campbell_3
Valued Contributor

Re: QoS on 2650 and 2624 switches

There is alot of information in the manual:


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