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QoS on 4204vl and VLAN Issue

Usaia Tawakevou
Valued Contributor

QoS on 4204vl and VLAN Issue


I have setup my 4204vl as my inter VLAN router and have added 6 VLAN's. Two of the VLAN's will be my voice VLAN.

My Issues:

Im having problem with VLAN 3 with DHCP connection as printers/PC/laptop that I connect to this VLAN cant get a a network config from our DHCP server. The other VLAN's work perfectly

Want to enable QoS for VLAN 5 and 6 and have started but need it to be fine tuned.

Attach herewith is my network diagram (physical/VLAN)and the configuration of my 3 switches in our server room.

Hope someone will help

Usaia Tawakevou
Valued Contributor

Re: QoS on 4204vl and VLAN Issue

I manage to solve the DHCP issue. Have setup QoS and just want clarify whether this configuration is okay. Let me know if you need my configuration