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Query Procurve switch staus using snmp

Michael Goessmann
Occasional Visitor

Query Procurve switch staus using snmp

Hi there!

Does anyone know if the is a way (means: OID) to query the general status (OK/CRITICAL) of a HP ProCurve 8000/4000 switch using snmp?

I just want to add a simple command to my Netsaint configuration...

Thanks in advance!

cu, Michael
Ron Kinner
Honored Contributor

Re: Query Procurve switch staus using snmp

All of the MIBs are at:

I always get the OID by loading the MIB files into the getif MIB folder and pointing getif (a freeware window program just ask google) at the device and use the MIBBrowser function to find the one I want. Alas I do not have a ProCurve switch to play with.

Michael Goessmann
Occasional Visitor

Re: Query Procurve switch staus using snmp


thanks very much, this helped a great deal. Although, I now have to find out how to query OIDs with a varying last number. Maybe I should read the related RFCs and manpages ...