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Query regarding network setup

Pierre M. Camilleri
Frequent Advisor

Query regarding network setup

Hello all

I have a query regarding a particular network setup which we'll be implementing soon. One of our buildings will be having a stand-alone dedicated Ethernet network which will be hosting an automation system. There will be two network switches and to these switches we'd be having two servers, a couple of workstations and PLCs connected.

However even though this Ethernet network would be stand-alone we would still need some sort of connection to our corporate network because one of the ports of each of the servers' NICs would be connected to our network and subnet in order to be able to perform remote support, etc.

My query is this. How can this be achieved? I am attaching a Visio drawing in order to explain better the setup.

Your comments & feedback would be much appreciated.


Re: Query regarding network setup

You should just be able to do this with VLANing.

If I am right in assuming the server ports which connect on the corporate network will be on the corporate subnet.

Procurve# conf
Procurve(config)# vlan 10 - (10 used as an example)
Procurve(vlan 10)# name "Corporate"
Procurve(vlan 10)# untagged *****

where *** are the ports on the switch you are plugging into the servers.

You will also need annother port untagged in vlan 10 to plug into a port on your corporate network. Im not sure from your comments whether this is a simple patch or a VPN to a remote site, but good luck!