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Question on Vlans and Link Aggregation

New Member

Question on Vlans and Link Aggregation


Service Building (Separate Building) Connected to the main building via single mode fiber
Data Vlan 20 / 24 Voice Vlan 120 / 24

Floors are connected via multimode fiber

Main Building 1st Floor Procurve 5412zl 196 ports/8 Modules
Data Vlan 21 / 24 Voice Vlan 121 / 24

2nd Floor (demarc Cisco E 3400) 5406zl 144 ports /6 modules
Data Vlan 22 / 24 Voice Vlan 122 / 24

3rd Floor 5406zl 96 ports/4 modules
Data Vlan 23 / 24 Voice Vlan 123 / 24

I am looking for a little guidance.... I am new to VoIP. I have 2 separate buildings. The demarc is on the second floor of the main building with a cisco ME 3400 Router. The service building is just across the parking lot. All 4 switches are HP ProCurves. 3/ 5406zl and 1/5412zl. The phones are Avaya, unsure of the model. There will be appr. 300 phones. The vendor will be using Avaya IP Office.

I am a little confused about the setup and would like some clarification before I start. It would make troubleshooting easier down the line.

1.Create the the voice and data vlans on all 4 switches. I think I got that.
2.What is needed to connect the 4 switches? I understand trunking is link aggregation in Hp terms.
3.link aggregation is where the confusion is for me.

Thanks in advance