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RADIUS NAS IP address on HP5300XL

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Regnar Bang Lyngsø_2
Frequent Advisor

RADIUS NAS IP address on HP5300XL


we have a number of HP5300XLs. I have turned on RADIUS authentication and SSH.

My RADIUS server (Microsoft IAS) identifies its RADIUS clients by means of IP address. Unfortunately I don't know how to configure which of its IP adresses the switch uses as sender IP address. Sometimes it changes when the switch is rebooted. I *could* include all the switch IP addresses - but with 20+ IP adresses on each switch it becomes a mess.

Anyone know how to do specify the client IP address.

Actually I would prefer something equivalent to a loopback interface on Cisco IOS. If all interfaces in a VLAN goes down, I need to find the IP address of another VLAN in order to manage the switch.

thilo schueler-mach
Occasional Visitor

Re: RADIUS NAS IP address on HP5300XL

Hi Regnar,

here is an example which works in our environment.
vlan 10 - vlan 20 have different ip addresses like for vlan 10 and for vlan 11 and so on. To decide which is the source address, you have to configure the management vlan with th statement "primary-vlan 10"

Regnar Bang Lyngsø_2
Frequent Advisor

Re: RADIUS NAS IP address on HP5300XL

Great - works!

I humbly return 10 points.